Students with additional needs


SABER Connections HUB

The SABER Connections HUB at Redcliffe State High School is resource available to all of our students.  We believe that every student can Soar Above and Beyond Expectations. 

The HUB has 3 distinct functions:

  • to provide assistance and resources to all students
  • to provide formalised provision for students requiring learning support
  • to provide formalised provision for students with disabilities.

We aim to focus on implementing support and interventions that address problems impacting on a student’s schooling, or issues that limit a student’s capacity to reach their individual and educational goals.  We work closely with class teachers and we are aligned to the school’s current intervention programme.  Support through the HUB can be delivered in a variety of forms. The aim is to ensure that students are engaging in a positive and productive manner with all aspects of school culture and curriculum.

Every student is capable of learning and is expected to demonstrate progress. In particular, Specialist Teachers and Teacher Aides work with classroom teachers to facilitate various forms of assistance for students who are identified as having a learning difficulty or disability, or are at risk of underachievement.

Students with verified disabilities

We provide intensive levels of specialised support to students with verified disabilities.  Education Queensland recognises the following categories of disability as part of their verification process:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Physical Impairment
  • Visual Impairment
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Speech Language Impairment
  • Intellectual Disability.

Specialist teachers design and deliver education programs to students with special educational needs who are undertaking all or part of their program of study in regular classrooms. In some cases, teachers may provide learning experiences for students with high support needs which differ from the regular curriculum and meets the goals of students’ individual curriculum plans.

All verified students receive a Personalised Learning Plan.  This plan is developed in collaboration with Parents and the Student, to ensure all staff are aware of the best ways to support each young person.

Personalised learning

We also provide support and assistance to students who fall under the Disability Data Collection list. This support takes place through the adjustment of educational programs in consultation with class teachers. This includes students with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties such as ADHD, ADD.  A varying list of reasons we may support students can be found in our flyer.

Support options may include:

  • in-class support
  • tutorial support (group/individual)
  • learning assistance
  • reading assistance
  • mental health support (in conjunction with our Guidance Officers)
  • assessment and examination support.

All students identified in this area receive a Personalised Learning Plan. This plan is developed in collaboration with Parents and the Student, to ensure all staff are aware of the best ways to support each young person.

Whole school

We also provide support to students at a whole school level.  Any student is welcome to come and see us to gain support for any reason. Where appropriate, we will direct students to the Guidance Officers or Student Welfare Team, where our Head of Learning Engagement can arrange for the appropriate support.

For further information about the HUB please contact Mrs Louise Fraser, Acting Head of Special Education Services (HoSES), Redcliffe State High School, on (07) 3897 1207.

Last reviewed 31 May 2019
Last updated 31 May 2019