Student leadership


SABER Leaders Development Program

Redcliffe High believes that all students are capable of developing leadership skills and contributing to the student voice in our school community.

In order to help our students develop these skills, Redcliffe High has developed the SABER Leaders Development Program (SLDP). School leadership programs are more sustainable if leadership skills, knowledge, attitudes and values are encouraged through a structured leadership program such as the SABER Leaders Development Program.  Leadership can be an important catalyst for building students’ awareness that their views are important to staff in the school and that they can have an influence on what happens to students in the school.

The program aims to:
  • improve student contribution and participation in the development of a happy, safe and dynamic school environment within the school
  • empower students in school decision making through involvement in school life, enabling a greater sense of belonging and connectedness
  • develop student leadership skills and to promote improved learning outcomes
  • encourage and promote whole school ownership and involvement in student welfare, leadership and participation.

All students are welcome to apply for registration in the SABER Leaders Development Program. To read about the requirements of the program, download an application form (PDF, 319KB).  Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a SABER Leader badge.

If students wish to nominate for School Executive Leadership positions (as outlined below) they must have completed the SABER Leadership Development Program and been awarded a SABER Leader badge at least once prior to nomination.

School Executive Leadership positions

   Senior Leaders

       Year 12

     Junior Leaders

          Year 9

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Male School Captain

Female School Captain

Male Vice Captain

Female Vice Captain

Student Council President (Year 12)
Prefects (6-8) Junior Leaders (4) SRC Vice President (Year 9)

Female Sports Captain

Male Sports Captain

House Captains

(male and female each house)


SABER Leaders (6 per Year level)
Music Captain Music Vice Captain
Interact President Interact Vice President

The objectives of the leadership program are to establish ongoing leadership opportunities for ALL students and to promote a student-led model of leadership and participation, which encourages equity and fairness for all students, including:

  • students  who have Learning Difficulties

  • students  with a disability

  • students  who are Gifted and Talented

  • students  who are Indigenous

  • students  who are from non-English speaking backgrounds

  • students  who are regarded as at risk

  • students  who are members of the Student Representative Council (SRC)

  • to establish a leadership model which compliments the SRC.

For further information on the SABER Leaders Development program, or any other questions regarding student leadership, please contact Mrs Natasha Walsh - SRC Coordinator and SLDP Coordinator on (07) 3897 1111, e-mail

Last reviewed 26 February 2019
Last updated 26 February 2019