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Bring your own device

Redcliffe SHS recommends that all laptops used by students meet the minimum specifications below to enable suitability for curriculum-based activities. The minimum specifications provided reflect the requirements for connection to the BYOD Gateway.

Device Selection

There is a huge selection when shopping for computers.  Consideration should be given to the following list.  We encourage you to read below for further information on each.  The school provides a purchase option through The School Locker at North Lakes.  Suitable devices which adhere to the school’s specifications are given on the Redcliffe State High School Portal, however other options are available for devices.

• Screen size:  As this is a tool used in the classroom, it is impractical to have a screen that is too small.  Be aware that touchscreen devices all offer an on screen keyboard but this can potentially stifle the learning process by not offering enough screen space to ‘think’.  Minimum screen size of 9 inches is required.

• Keyboard: Some students prefer the improved posture and typing experience that an attached or external keyboard can offer.  With the more recent trend of touchscreen devices, manufacturers are offering the user more choice than just onscreen keyboards.  Keyboards can now connect via Bluetooth or can even optionally attach or detach from the device.  For this reason a keyboard is recommended.
• Portability: The physical dimensions of the device is an important consideration as your son/daughter will need to carry the device from home to school and then from class to class during the day.
• Battery Life/CPU: Quite a few factors influence battery life.  The type of processor (CPU) that the device runs tends to be a good indicator.  The race is on at present between computer chip manufacturers to deliver chips that deliver great results with very low power output. Optimise battery life through not using it outside of class and minimising the screen brightness.
• Connectivity: Students will connect to the RSHS network via Wi-Fi.  Access to the internet outside this is achieved via your home Wi-Fi network.
• Storage:  In the past, laptop/pc storage relied on hard drives that used a lot of energy utilising spinning disk.  The newer technology solid state drives (SSD) allow for extremely fast boot up times but at present, the size of these drives are limited and expensive.  Therefore it is recommended students purchase a 16 Gb USB for additional storage.

Other Considerations

• Padded Carry Case: The school recommends a separate case to the standard school bag.  These are available for purchase at The School Locker, North Lakes.
• Backup Solution: This could be as simple as an external hard drive for some devices. 
• Virus Protection:  A fact of life unfortunately.  Even Apple Macs are not immune to getting viruses.  You will be responsible for virus protection.
• Price: Price is not just how much something costs, but also how long it will last.  A student who takes good care of their belongings may get many more years usage out of an expensive device than a student who is careless with their belongings.
• Extended Warranty: Many manufacturers offer an extended warranty for up to three years after the date of purchase to protect against hardware failures/defects.
• Laptop Insurance:  Used to protect against theft, accidental damage (dropped, liquid spills, falling off the roof of moving vehicles, etc.)  The school highly recommends that you review your Home and Contents Insurance policy and refer to the BYOd Information Pack with regards to other insurance options with The School Locker.

 Year 7 through to Year 12 BYOd specifications

The device MUST adhere to the specifications provided:


  • At least 1 USB port.
  • Minimum screen size 9 inch.
  • Windows version 8 or better or MacOS X v 10.8 or better
  • Support 5GHz WIFI
  • Minimum of 4 Gb of RAM
  • In built camera required
  • Minimum 120Gb of free hard drive space.
  • Windows version 8 or better or MacOS X v 10.8 or better
  • Up to date antivirus. Important Note - Windows 8\10 comes with an in-built antivirus (Windows Defender). Mac systems do not come with an in-built antivirus
  • Students must be given administration rights


  • Headphones (must be named).


  • Keyboard recommended.
  • Mouse attachment at student’s discretion.
  • 3 year warranty recommended.
  • Protective casing with a portable bag recommended.
  • Maximum weight - 2kg.
  • Laptops must be named within the settings with your student number, first name and last name prior to bringing it to RSHS.
  • Parents should have Replacement Insurance for Accidental Damage on the device and ensure that their student is issued with a protective case and carry bag for the device

Unsupported Devices (cannot be onboarded at RSHS)

  • Google Chrome books are incompatible with the network and cannot be on boarded.
  • Devices with Windows 10S will not connect to the network.
  • Limited support for Apple Mac devices

In the links to the right of this page, there are 2 documents that parents/students are required to fill in and return to the school, before students can 'onboard' to our switch at school. One is the Connectivity Form and the other is the Parent/Guardian Letter. At the back of the second document is a form that needs to be returned with the Connectivity Form.

If you have any questions re the BYOd program please email

Further questions regarding the Computer and Internet can be directed to Mrs Roanna Niven, Acting Head of Department, Business/IT,

Last reviewed 22 August 2019
Last updated 22 August 2019