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Junior Secondary at Redcliffe High - the "Ideal Choice"

Welcome to Junior Secondary at Redcliffe State High School!

Junior Secondary is a phase of education in Queensland state secondary schools for
Years 7, 8 and 9, which helps to ensure the bridge between primary and secondary school is safe, strong and consistent for all students.

Junior Secondary will focus on age appropriate education and support for students’ wellbeing and transitions.
While it will look different in every secondary school, six principles have been developed to underpin Junior Secondary. Under six guiding principles, Junior Secondary will provide challenging educational offerings that engage young adolescents, while giving them a sense of belonging and support through the changes they face.
  •  Distinct identity -Junior Secondary students will be encouraged and supported to develop their own group identity within the wider high school. This can involve dedicated school areas and events.
  • Quality teaching -Teachers working with students in the Junior Secondary years will be given the skills they need through additional professional development, so they can support young teens through these crucial early high school years.
  • Student wellbeing-We will meet the social and emotional needs of Junior Secondary students with a strong focus on pastoral care. For example, schools could provide a home room to support students as they adjust to new routines and greater academic demands.
  • Parent and community involvement-We want parents to stay connected with their students' learning when they enter high school. Parent involvement in assemblies, special events, award ceremonies and leadership presentations will be welcomed.
  • Leadership-Schools will be encouraged to create leadership roles for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Dedicated teachers experienced with teaching young adolescents will lead Junior Secondary supported by the principal and administration team.
  • Local decision-making-The needs of each school community will influence how Junior Secondary is implemented in each school.


Junior Secondary at Redcliffe State High School
Redcliffe State High School’s Junior Secondary philosophy is based on quality educational research:
“The lower secondary years of schooling coincide with a time of significant physical, emotional, social and cognitive changes in young people’s lives. Research shows that a separate phase of schooling to cater for the challenges and possibilities associated with adolescence is justified. There is also a substantial body of evidence to show the importance of this phase of schooling, its particular characteristics, and the qualities needed to ensure improved student performance during these years”.
Australian Council of Educational Research, 2012
The focus for Junior Secondary is less on the structural incorporation of Year 7 students into secondary schools or the collective organisation of Years 7 to 9 and more on the new orientation towards teaching and learning that these developments signal. The principles provide an evidence-based approach to meeting the needs of students in early adolescence.
Here at Redcliffe State High School, we are using the six guiding principles of Junior Secondary to develop our whole-school approach, to implement and strengthen Junior Secondary practices. The elements of each principle are regularly considered as we review our practices and processes to ensure that we provide the optimum learning environment for our Junior Secondary students.