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October 23
The restructure of senior education

​There has been much discussion in Term 3 regarding the future for senior students.  Most parents are aware that there will be a restructure of senior education.  This will certainly have an impact on what is taught as well as how it is taught, assessed and reported.

There will be a range of changes that occur, not just in the curriculum, but also within the events we run, the way the calendar is put together and the activities available to Year 12 students. 

We have flagged with our teachers and now with parents that from 2019 onwards Year 12 students will not be participating in camps, tours or excursions, with the exception of curriculum mandated learning experiences. Sport and competitions will be exceptions to this as parents make the choice of their child’s inclusion in teams etc.

We have also reviewed the placement of key school events for Year 12 students.

This meant that late in Term 2 we had discussions around the placement of the Year 12 school formal and the need to move it to the end of the school year.  We undertook a survey of staff and parents to gather their opinions about preferences for the Year 12 events.  Parents (87%) and Staff (93%) wanted the school to take responsibility for organising the formal and applying expectations as determined by the school.

It was determined that events and activities had to occur in the last week of school for Year 12’s as the assessment occurs differently in the future.  We will be implementing these changes from 2018 to determine their functionality for 2019 onwards.  The last week of Year 12 in 2018 (onwards) will maintain our current activities that is, Charity Day, Rewards Excursion, Farewell Ceremony and School Formal.

The preference chosen through the parent and staff surveys for the last week is Option 1, it may look like this:

Monday: Catch up Assessment Day

Tuesday: Rewards Excursion

Wednesday: Charity Day

Thursday am: Farewell Breakfast and Ceremony – receive Graduation Certificate (if eligible)

Thursday pm: Formal – parents and students invited

Friday: Assessment Catch Up (1-3pm)

There will be many changes with the new senior arrangements, however, our expectations will remain the same.

Shona McKinlay- Principal

July 12
Setting High Expectations ... at school and home.

​Welcome back to Term 3.  For our senior students this is a crucial term to focus upon their assessment and to get the best results that they can.  Year 12 students also have their QCS test this term.  Students are reminded to maintain a balance between school, work and relaxation.  It is important to focus on wellbeing as well as having a strong academic focus.

During the school holidays one media outlet reported on suspensions and bullying in primary schools.  It is timely to remind students and parents that our school is a 'hands off' school.  We have strategies in place to support any students who feel they are being bullied or intimidated by others.

Significant human resources are available in our Student Welfare Team. I  am not just referring to the Guidance Officers, Chaplains etc but I am also referring to the Blue Room as the central point in our school to report concerns and seek assistance.

In the playground our teachers are on duty to supervise students.  Teachers are easily identified in their high visibility vests and students can easily approach teachers to seek support.

The bottom line is that students need to be respectful to each other.  Mocking or making fun of others, intimating others or having unwanted physical contact with others can be considered to be bullying behaviours.  Students are responsible for their own behaviour and secondary school students are definitely old enough to know what is right and wrong.  Students who break hands off will face serious consequences. We expect students to think about their behaviour and to seek support if another persons behaviour is impacting upon their rights to feel safe and supported.

We believe that parents play a strong role in sharing this message, setting high expectations regarding making good choices and being strong role models.

Thank you

Shona McKinlay

July 10
A review of our practices for celebrating Year 12 achievements

​We are currently reviewing how we go about celebrating the achievements of our Year 12 students.  It is timely to have a review of our practices, following our recent Senior Formal and the construction of our new Hall in our minds.
We believe it is an opportunity to review how we go about Awards Night, Graduation and the Formal.  We would love to hear from our school community on your ideas about the future celebrations.
Our next P&C meeting on Wednesday 12 July, will discuss an option for future celebrations, we take this opportunity to invite you to have your say in this conversation.

Shona McKinlay
June 19
Your child's safety is our first priority.

​Term 2 has brought us many challenges but the ones that stand out in my mind are our Respect Project and our recent evacuation.  I would like to tie these two things together.

We recently evacuated the school because someone in NSW called CrimeStoppers to announce a bomb threat at Redcliffe SHS.  We immediately worked with Police to evacuate students and staff and followed the directions of Police.

Our students were safe, our staff were effectively managing the situation and we were operating in a controlled and considered manner.  Students and staff were supported throughout and we felt we managed the situation in a considered manner.

Parents need to be aware that our highest priority is the safety of students and staff. We do not take threats lightly.  Unfortunately our management was compromised by people demanding attention and wanting to take their children home whilst we were in the evacuation situation. 

This draws staff away from their role in evacuation management and makes a stressful situation more stressful for everyone involved.  When there is an emergency situation we need our staff to focus on student wellbeing and to comply with our evacuation procedures.

We ask that parents work with us and allow us to manage situations.  I also ask that parents take a moment to consider that in an emergency situation our first priority is the safety of our students and staff.  We cannot ask staff to put themselves at risk to stay in the office to send emails and SMS messages.

It is important that parents allow the school to manage these situations, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please be assured that your child's safety is our first priority.

Shona McKinlay

June 13
From the Principal's desk

​This week I would like to share an article with you, it doesn't take long to read but it might give you some insight into what our fabulous teachers do.

May 30
Sharing our skills and knowledge

​The Executive Team visited Helensvale SHS yesterday afternoon to see what they are doing with regard to academic intervention and Professional Learning Teams.

We were excited to see what they do and also to note that the work they are doing reflects what our school is doing.  Both schools are working hard to ensure that every individual student is given the opportunity to achieve positive outcomes.

We were able to pick up some ideas from Helensvale SHS to improve what we do and we are looking forward to them visiting us so that we can share the great work our staff undertake. It is very exciting to be working with a school as far along the journey as our remarkable school.

Could I remind parents about a couple of expectations that help our school run effectively:

1. It is an expectation that you send a note to school or phone first thing in the morning if you want you child to be picked up during the day.  We do not have enough staff to go chasing up students out of classes for appointments or commitments outside of school.

2. Appointments must be made if you wish to speak to a member of staff.  Just as you can't turn up and see a doctor, lawyer etc. without an appointment, nor can you do so with a teacher or staff member in our school.  We have schedules and time commitments and we thank you for showing us this consideration.

In genuine emergencies, however, we will do all that we can to support you.

The 'Respect Project' is definitely starting to gain traction in the community and we are grateful that the majority of visitors to our school share this value of respecting others.  When we see respect, we see people working together in a calm and reasonable manner.  There are some matters that may be governed by school rules or the law and although visitors may not agree on all of these it is our role to enforce them.  We appreciate your understanding and respect in all communication.

May 19
Working together to make a difference.....

​This afternoon I went to visit our teachers working in their Professional Learning Teams (PLTs).  It was obvious to me that this time is being well spent by teachers. The discussions were highly professional, focussed and student oriented.

To a person, the conversation was about how to help students achieve positive outcomes, what to do to make sure that the gaps in their knowledge were addressed and how to present information in the best possible manner. Again completely focussed on student success.

Highly passionate teachers, working together to produce amazing resources – this was evident in every PLT that I visited. I kept thinking to myself how lucky are our students because this school and these teachers work together to make a difference.


Shona McKinlay

Proud Principal - Remarkable Redcliffe High

May 16
NAPLAN is over but.....

​NAPLAN testing is over for another year but the literacy and numeracy focus in every classroom continues.

We strive to improve the outcomes of our students by improving their literacy and numeracy skills, as these are the foundation for everything we teach.

Generally, our students were highly involved and participated really well, we are proud of their efforts.

As we reach the middle of  term, it is a good time to take stock and to prepare for upcoming assessment.  Students can review and revise their work if there is no homework and parents can help by asking about the content, quizzing on workbook notes and having discussions about topics – all of this helps.

Parent Teacher interviews would have also given parents ideas on how to help your children in more specific ways.  Thank you to all of the parents who took part in the interviews, can I remind parents that you can contact teachers at any time during the term by emailing them.  You will find email addresses on our website 

We are grateful for the respect demonstrated in the recent Parent Teacher interviews, a positive relationship and cooperation between teachers and parents will always achieve better outcomes.

Shona McKinlay

Proud Principal - Remarkable Redcliffe SHS

May 10
Thank you and RESPECT

Thank you to Sue Linde for taking on the role of Principal whilst I enjoyed three weeks long service leave.  Returning to the school was fantastic, great to see the staff, students and parents again.

In this blog I would like to focus on ‘Respect – Commit to it!’

Respect is an essential aspect of every relationship. Imagine how much better our school and community would be if all relationships were respectful.

State schools on the Peninsula have been working together to develop a set of expectations regarding our relationships.  We believe that parents and schools can work together to achieve positive outcomes and set great role models for young people through respectful relationships.

It is expected that all communication whether it be in person, on the phone or via email be respectful as a respectful conversation engages and supports all involved.

When disrespect occurs, the conversation usually disintegrates and generally results in more tension and fewer positive outcomes.  We urge all people who visit our school to approach our staff and students in a way that demonstrates a willingness to work together and support each other.  Together we can solve problems.

This is not just Redcliffe SHS, the Peninsula Education Precinct group of thirteen State schools in the Redcliffe and Deception Bay area are working together to strengthen the “State School” brand and develop the social capital within our school communities.  By promoting a sense of shared identity and agreed principled operations, we are sending a message to our community that we are one.  We have an agreed way we will do business that is focused on respect. 

Parents and the broader community play a vital role in supporting young people in their learning. Schools want parents and the broader community to engage with us in positive ways to maximise student learning outcomes. 

Shona McKinlay

Remarkable Redcliffe High
May 05
Exciting news ... re new Hall and Admin block

​Our new Hall and Administration Block is happening! This will be ready for 2018.

Construction will start very soon on this important new addition to our school. As you know we have been without a hall now for 3 ½ years. So it is wonderful that it is starting to happen from May 10 2017!

This does however come with certain challenges.

• Restricted movement for staff and students on the Western Campus.

• Restricted entry for staff, students, parents and deliveries from Klingner Road West. (Carpark gate and gate near Gym are closed. Pedestrian gate should be accessible closer to the oval – follow any signage)

• No Basketball courts until Term 4

We have plans in place to do the best we can to assist our community during the construction process.

• Parking will be available in the Klingner Road grassed area next to TAFE

• The gates will be open between T Block and the overpass between campuses on Oxley Avenue. (Foot traffic only)

• Safety fencing for students and staff to access required classrooms on Western Campus.

We appreciate your patience during this time and we will keep you updated via our FACEBOOK page and the schools website. The finish date we hope will be late November 2017.

Kind Regards

Sue Linde, Ian King, Maria Williamson and Shona McKinlay

The Administration Team - Redcliffe SHS.

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